Forex Trades Live Update 04.02.2010

Quick update on Forex Trades Live.

I decided to switch to the 50 pip stop again which i had used previously but was advised by the operator of the service wasnt the most profitable long term . This may be the case but it does control the losses and looking at the results for the last 6 months has proved more profitable than using the advised stop losses.

For example using the advised stop losses & going for the 72 pip recommended target for the GBP/USD would have produced 324 pips since August whereas the 50 pip stop loss would have produced 369. On the EUR/USD using the advised stops & the 32 pip recommended target would have produced 888 pips compared with 1034 pips using the 50 pip stop loss.

Not a massive difference but it feels more comfortable with the smaller stop & its more profitable so it makes more sense.

Full results & info here

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