905 Pips in 12 weeks for Black Dog Forex

Its been around 12 weeks since I started trading Black Dog with a definite set of rules & its gained 905 pips in that times which works out at 75 pips a week & thats just been using 2 pairs. If, like today, i’d been looking to take trades on other pairs when the aud/usd & eur/usd were quite i’m sure it would have been substantially more.

This morning was obviously going to be quiet on the aud/usd & eur/usd with the chart indicators miles away for signalling any trades so i looked at the 4 other pairs i monitor. The eur/jpy & usd/jpy looked to be close to set ups & they actually triggered 2 trades each but i focused just on the eur/jpy.

The first trade meandered a bit so i brought the stop loss eventually to +6 above the entry point & got stopped out. Second trade was a bit more straightforward though it was close to major news. Total of 26 pips for the 2 trades.

Few people have asked me if the increase in price of the Black Dog system to $297 means it represents less value for money. All I can say is that I’ve traded it conservatively for the past 3 months & made 905 pips which @ £5 per pip equates to £4,525 so obviously the system works – add to that the customer services, community spirit on the forum plus the ‘Trading Room’ & theres no doubt it represents outstanding value. You could even just take the trades flagged up in the Trading Room without learning the system.

Having said that we have agreed a discount of $50 off the price if you use the link below – you basically pay the full price & i send you $50 rebate by Paypal.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Review

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