Lay the Best Update 25.01.2010

Just wanted to update you on the latest situation with this service. In the last couple of days they have decided to stop giving out the ‘other sports’ bets which have continued to drag down the results of the horse racing lays. They will continue to give out occasional football bets as they have been profitable.

The horse racing lays performance in January has been outstanding with a profit of around £800.00 up to the 23rd January. I think this is a good move for this service as it allows them to concentrate 100% on the area which they obviously excel in.

They also confirmed that they will now be sending out the email @ 11am rather than the variable times it was sent out previously. I think this service should continue to be profitable & works very well with the Grey Horse Bot, which allows you to place the days selections @ just after 11am & let the bot do the work at the specified time.

Now Bank @
£1858.64 (+£858.64)

If you want any more information now or just want to check the results click here

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