Small overall gain for Black Dog Forex Trading 11.1.2010

Small overall gain on what was quite a lively day on the eur/usd. the aud/usd had one trade this morning which meandered slowly along before closing for close to breakeven.

There were 4 trades on the eur/usd – trade 1 was a 20 pips winner, trade 2 was a 20 pip loser, trade 3 was a 10 pip loser and trade 4 was another 20 pip winner. So an overall gain of 10 pips.

Just wanted to confirm again that the cost of this system and support service is going up to $297 from $197 on this Sunday the 17th January.

Running total +565 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading Review

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