Update on Winning Dow Signals

Winning Dow Signals is a service we looked at for a few months in the Summer.  The intra day support & resistance line trading was very impressive & i only stopped using this service for 2 reasons; it did require you to be able to watch the charts all day & i came across Black Dog Forex trading.

Winning Dow Signals offer a number of different signals now – the Intra Day Levels, Intra Day Alerts, 9 pm Signal, Set & Forget Forex signals and Overnight Forex Scalps – so i feel that its time to go back to reviewing this service.  There are a few of those services which may be ideal to run alongside the Black Dog Trading ie the 9pm Dow signal, the Set & Forget forex signals & the Intra Day Alerts so i’m going to start from tomorrow.

The reason i think its worthwhile having a look at this particular service provider is that there is a guy on this thread http://www.trade2win.com/boards/us-indices/35620-dow-end-day-signalling-service-43.html
who seems to have been using the signals long term and has provided some of the figures he’s achieved. Looks genuine as well because he’s quite open about the fact that the Swing Signals havent been profitable for him.

If you need any more info or have any queries please let me know.

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