Winner on the AUD/USD for the Black Dog Forex System

Relatively quiet day on the pair i’m trading wit just the one trade which turned out to be a 20 pip winner. Signal came on the 11.30 candle & the entry level was reached on the 12.15 candle. The move just about had enough juice in it to get to the 20 pip profit target.

Just wanted to mention a couple of things – a fellow trader has mentioned that World Spreads has a 1 pip spread on the AUD/USD between 9am & 4pm which is really good and can make all the difference when we’re only looking to get 20 pips per trade. I’ve not used the platform so i dont know how good it is but i’m definitely going to have a look.

Other thing was that the Black Dog team have relaunched the ‘Chat Room’ which was intended to help all levels of traders spot Black Trades live & profit from as many pairs as possible. What it actually was was people talking asking opinions on random non BD trades and generally chatting about weather, sport etc.

Its now been relaunched as the ‘Trading Room’ with a strict set of rules that only BD trades are discussed, on the 15 min time frame over a set number of different currency pairs. Got to say it seems to have worked well so far & i know (because i subscribed) of companies charging £100 per month for the level of guidance being given by the room moderators.

Just wanted to mention it in case previous buyers of Black Dog had tried the old room and been disillusioned with the way it was originally.

Running total +503 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

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