Forex Trades Live Offer for 2010

Happy New Year to everyone – lets hope its profitable for all of us.

Just wanted to share an email i received today from the operator of Forex Trades Live.

Happy new Year to you all.

2009 was a very profitable year for subscribers and we intend to beat these figures in 2010!

GBP/USD trades from January to December at our recommended 72 target with variable stops made 2731 pips profit.

EUR/USD trades from August to December at our recommended 32 target with variable stops made 1188 pips profit.

Total 3919 pips profit

That’s £19,595.00 at £5 per pip or £39,190.00 at £10 per pip, WITH NO TAX!

Even at just £1 per pip, you would have made £3,919.00 for just a few minutes input per day…

Want a slice of 2010? Subscribe here for both or single currencies:

All the best,

Forex Trades Live Team

Interestingly the full service has come down in price to £55 per month. You can, though, subscribe to just the GBP/USD for £30 per month or just the EUR/USD for the same.  Subscribing to both is £55 per month.

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