Review of the Year – 2009

Just wanted to look back on the good and bad of the services/systems i’ve tried this year.

Black Dog Forex Trading – no surprises here. This system is what i expect to be using to generate the majority of my income for the forseeable future. Outstanding system, support & community make Black Dog the best thing i’ve come across in the 2 years i’ve been actively looking for alternative ways to generate an income.

I initially trebled my bank within 2 months using the ‘hi/lo’ method & since changing to a less hectic method i’ve made 488 pips in 7 weeks. Highly recommended.

Price inrease to $297 was due to kick in on the 23rd December but still seems to be allowing you to buy it for $197 @ the moment.

Forex Trades Live – Apart from a dip in October this service has been excellent. They send you signals via text or email with clear instructions which you ‘set & leave’ with your broker/spread betting company & thats it. Zero input from you beyond that.

Since August when I became a subscriber the service has generated 1365 pips across the eur/usd & gbp/usd pairs when following the recommended target & stop loss limits. This includes a very rare poor run in October.  Recommended – especially if you want to make some money with no  effort.

Grey Horse Bot – This is the market leading software for automatically placing bets for whilst @ work or whatever. Would be ideal for the ‘Lay the Best’ lays which i’ve been reviewing – but only if the results improve.

Winning Dow Signals – Honourable mention to Winning Dow Signals. They performed well but then had a downturn about the same time I came across Black Dog so i put it to one side.

The service has 3 main offerings – the intra day support & resistance levels, the 9 pm signal & intra day alert signals. They’re all profitable & the guys that run it are very good.


Jurys still out on these – will revisit them in the New Year and see if they improve.

LS Trader – not had a great year by their own admission but after a 1500% gain in 2008 i suppose a slight downturn was inevitable. Lets hope 2010 is an upturn year.

Lay the Best – currently trialling the horse racing lays & keeping an eye on the sports lays. After a superb start the service has had a nightmare 5-6 weeks & is looking at its first losing month for a long time. Still on course for 150 points profit this year so i’ll keep watching next year.



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