Price Increase In Black Dog Forex Trading After 23rd December

Just found out that the Black Dog Forex Trading System will rise to $297 from midnight 23rd December.  Only reason i know is that i was testing the link i have from this blog to the Black Dog site and the announcement is at the top of the page.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the decision was made to increase the price as most people who buy the system and support service are always telling the author Dave he’s not charging enough for it.

It also states there are no new members being accepted until the 17th January 2010 – think this will be because he always wants to be available for new members to talk directly to him (usually via Skype) about any issues they have or just for some live trades. If hes’ on holiday he wont be available so isnt accepting any new members until then.

Even @ $297 its still brilliant value for money – a system that works plus a support service thats so good its worth the current cost of the system as a monthly fee.

If you were considering getting the Black Dog I would strongly recommend you get it in the next 24 hrs – it may be a sales pitch but from what i know about Dave & his business i doubt it.

Black Dog Forex

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