Forex Trades Live Update 10.12

Pretty much as you were with Forex Trades Live – had 2 losers to start the month but 3 winners have recovered those losses to leave us still at 154 pips ahead. Interestingly using the fixed stop of 50 pips would have had us another 78 pips up.

Meanwhile on the gbp/usd the service is having another positive month following Novembers profits with the 32, 72 & 100 pip targets 33, 225 & 237 pips in profit respectively.

As has been previously said about this service it consistently makes profits & if you’d followed the recommended profit targets (which are 32 pips for eur/usd & 72 pips for gbp/usd) you would have made 1369 pips in the last 6 months which includes a poor October for the gbp/usd.

You basically get between 1 & 3 texts a day with trade instructions which you ‘set & leave’ with whoever you use to place your trades ( ig index in my case) & leave it. No charts, no manual – highly recommended income generator for literally 5 minutes ‘work’ a day. Think they’re still doing the 14 day free trial as well.

Total +154 pips

The full list of the results for the eur/usd service can be found here and for further info about the whole service click here Forex Trades Live

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