Update on Black Dog Forex Trading System 03.12

Had some technology issues this week meaning todays been my 1st trading day of the week. nice retrace trade on the eur/usd bouncing off the 15 ema for 20 pips (dentist @ 11.30am so just closed it all down instead of leaving a 1/3 to run).

coming to the end of my 5th week using my revised strategy on Black Dog & up to 348 pips profit on just the 2 currency pairs. some nice moves on the eur/jpy & usd/jpy & i will look to increase the number of pairs i watch from january – although it might be wiser to continue with just the 2 pairs and just compound the stakes. anyway i’ll worry about that after christmas.

Running total +348 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

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