End of month summary from Lay the Best

Below is the monthly email i received from Lay the Best summarising their performance in November.

Hi Guys,

Just reporting on another successful month as we finished +7.5 units
up for the month of November. That brings us to our 11th month of the
year without loss, and our 47th month overall without loss!

The last week of the month was slightly dissapointing, as at one point
we were looking at a +21 unit profit, however nothing seemed to go
right during the last week at all and we finished +7.5 units up.

From the 1st December we will be slightly more conservative with the
‘other sports’ selections, as we have a very large range of contacts
providing us with information regarding these. It is sometimes too
easy to go overboard and make too many selections.

We’ll stick to what we know best, which is horse racing and be a lot
more selective with the ‘other sports’ and hopefully we’ll finish the
year with a final month profit of 15+ units.

I’d like to thank our loyal customers who from the start of this year
are 178 units up so far! For new customers, here’s to a successful


Paul Simmons
Lay The Best Team


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