20 pips for Black Dog Forex Trading System 23.11

Got into a nice trade 1st thing on the eur/usd. everything in place & a well established trend – little retracement through the 15 ema then entered the trade when it had rebounded a few pips past the higher low of the preceding candle.

Again took the full 20 pips off when reached target as was needed for school run. there were 2 possible entries in the afternoon on 2 blue SES candles but i wasnt around so didnt take them. i was going to expand into my other 4 currency pairs usd/cad, usd/chf, aud/usd & eur/jpy but have decided to spend another week getting this 100%.

There were 3 or 4 other good trades on those pairs looking at the charts although some of them did arrive on the same candle so getting them all on would have been tough.

Running total +292 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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