Forex Trades Live – 32 pips for EUR/USD

Another 32 pip winner for the EUR/USD part of this service & the GBP/USD is up to 210 pips up for November (depending on which profit target your looking at) so looks like the service could be over the little blip in October.

If you look at the year as a whole across the 2 currencies they’re up nearly 4000 pips and that only includes the EUR/USD results from August. It just shows that every service is going to have a bad patch without fail and thats all part of trading. The difficulty is if it happens in your first month – if you lose a couple of hundred pips its unlikely anyone will persevere the following month without experience of previous winning months.

I’ve said before that this is a solid service which would have got us about £10,000 @ £5 a pip @ the 32 pip profit target (not even the most profitable for GBP/USD) since January.

They’re currently offering a free 14 day trial & this may be an ideal time to give them a try as they seem to be now performing as they were pre-October.

Total +149 pips

The full list of the results for the eur/usd service can be found here and for further info about the whole service click here Forex Trades Live

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