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I’m going to start reviewing this service from tomorrow – it comes highly recommended & as the name suggests is a laying service which covers, horse racing, football, tennis plus the NFL, NBA & NHL games. They offer a managed account whereby they place the bets for you but take 50% of the profits – this service is fully booked and there is a waiting list which, i think, says a lot.

The alternative is the standard £50 per month service which seems pretty good value looking at the recorded results but we’ll see how it goes.

If you want any more information now or just want to check the results click here

I’ve also included a full review from another site which has been following the recommendations for a month – impressive stuff.


I shall begin this final review with the factual stuff and then give my impressions of the service.

With the exception of just one or two selections at the beginning of the test, all bets that I have recorded are based on actual bets that I have made. The test lasted from 17th October until 14th November, inclusive. During this time there were 92 qualifying selections, of which 67 were winning selections. A couple of potential selections failed to qualify on price, but it was literally only two or three that failed. Of those that passed the selection criteria, only two were at odds of over 5.00. The average odds for all bets placed was 2.64 and the average odds for all losing bets was a fraction under 2.20. These figures are very slightly distorted as three bets were “Special Bets” – one multiple and two backs, rather than lays. However, I have assumed that the degree of distortion is too insignificant to record.

The strike rate was approximately 72%. At average odds for losing bets of 2.20 the strike rate needed in order to make a profit after Betfair commission was 55%, quite a bit lower than the 72% achieved.

What the above figures mean in practical terms is that, laying to level stakes of £25, in just four weeks a £500 bank has been turned into just a fraction under £1500 after allowing for Betfair commission at the maximum rate of 5%.

Two emails are sent out each day. The aim is for the first email to be sent out by midday, the exception being when there is uncertaintly about the going. I did not pay particular attention to what time I received the emails, however. What was important to me is that I received them in time to get my bets on. With the exception of the one day when there were server problems (as the result of upgrading to a more reliable server) all emails were received in time to place the bets. At the beginning of the trial I may have missed one or two bets (certainly no more), but that was due to my unfamiliarity with the service and in no way reflects upon it.

Much the same applies to emails for the evening selections, the aim here being to send them out by 7pm. However, it pays to regularly check the inbox as they are sometimes sent much earlier. On one occasion I had to go flying (or in my case clumping) on to the PC to place the bets ASAP, as I had missed the starts of various events. Fortunately, I was able to get on in-play and the odds had (probably) moved slightly in my favour.

Throughout the test I have made a point of not looking at the “official” results, so that I have not been influenced in any manner. When I have finished this review I may take a look to see how the results compare, but I would expect to find that overall the odds at which I got on and the “official” odds are very similar and balance out. If there are any major differences in favour of the “official” results I may have to have to rethink my strategy, but I am not prepared to stay up until the early hours in order to get on at the last minute.

Moving on to my opinions of the service. I am sure anyone who has difficulty guessing what I think will be treated with sympathy by an appropriate professional (how an inappropriate professional might respond is another matter).

My first reaction when reading the sales page was on the lines of, “Sounds good, but don’t they all!”. In other words, yet another site claiming fantastic results that don’t stand up to close scrutiny. I suppose it is a fact of life, however, that no matter the quality of a system or service, all will claim excellent results – no one in their right mind is going to say, “This service is a load of rubbish (or some less polite term), but we want your money”. The difference is this service breaks the mould, it actually does what it claims! If this was a lager, then Carlsberg would have to change their advertising strategy.

I have trialled a number of systems and services on this blog and prior to that I read other blogger’s reviews, going back more or less to when the blog started. No other system or service that I have trialled has come close to turning £500 into £1500 (£1407.50 for the pedantic) in four weeks, and I cannot recall another service that has performed as well as this one (though I am open to correction).

It should be borne in mind that the test has only run for one month and that cannot give a true reflection. However, the pattern of results has been consistent and this is not a one-a-day system. While not statistically significant, 92 selections in four weeks is certainly getting there.

I suppose the highest praise I can give is that I shall definitely be adding this service to my portfolio – I have done so already, in fact. I shall also be making occasionaly posts to keep readers up-to-date with how things are going.

As to whether there are better services available, the answer is, I don’t know! But if I have found a goose that appears to lay golden eggs, I’m not going to be in a hurry to look for another that lays bigger golden eggs.

Prior to wrapping up this review, there are just a couple of procedural points to mention: I have been informed that the managed account vacancies have all been filled. Anyone wishing to join the managed account service (as opposed to receiving the daily emails and placing their own bets) should send an email to the Lay the Best Team requesting that they be added to the waiting list; I mentioned in a previous posting that the number of subscriptions is capped. The numbers are limited to 300 to avoid having a negative effect on value and liquidity.

My last word in wrapping up this review is – to paraphrase the words of an email sent to me during the trial – this is proving to be a cracking service. Keep up the good work guys!!

If you want any more information now or just want to check the results click here

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