12 pips gain for Black Dog Forex Trading 17.11

1st trade of the week proved to be a loser but fortunately there was another along a few minutes later which went onto gain 22 pips so after the original 10 pip loser i was 12 pips up on the day. This was on the EUR/USD.   edit – JUST OUT OF INTEREST RE THE LOSER – I HAD THE SETTINGS ON ‘AGRESSIVE’ IN ERROR. UNDER MY NORMAL SETTINGS THAT SIGNAL WOULDNT HAVE APPEARED SO SHOULD HAVE BEEN A NO LOSER 22 PIP DAY.

I’ve attached a couple of other charts which show the system in action on other pairs with trades following the rules i’ve developed for trading Black Dog. The USD/CAD peaked at about 100+ pips from an initial risk of about 10 pips and the USD/CHF reached about 70+ pips. I didnt take these by the way i was just seeing how the system was doing on other pairs.

Running total +222 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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