26 pips gain for Black Dog Forex Trading 13.11

Got a bit lucky this morning in that i missed the original MTF3 signal given at 7.00 am off the 6.45am candle but managed to get in a bit later @ the same entry price after a small retracement of the price.

Quite a long trade which reached the initial 20 pip target @ 1.6634 easily enough & then went onto touch 1.6700. I decided to move my stop up to 1.6675 & was stopped out at this level at about 12.45 for a total gain of net 26 pips.

Just been through the Black Dog members forum reading a thread by the author of the system where he disects exactly how he trades (not too far off what i’m doing to be honest). Its a great read & he pretty much defies anyone to fail to be successful using this software whilst implementing the rules which are available all over the forum.

Running total +210 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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