Update on FX Crossover Trades 15/10

Nice run recently for the FX Crossover system with 5 wins out of 6 & 350 pips profit. I’ve adjusted the profit target to 90 pips after back testing showed a number of trades missing their profit target by 1 or 2 pips and then reversing to hit the stop loss.

There are other ways to manage your trades ‘in play’ as it were such as trailing stop losses once the trade has reached a certain profit level – ie change to a 50 pip trailing top loss once the trade had move 50 pips in profit. Or you could close down 1/2 of your stake and let the rest run.

Below is a chart of the recent USD/CAD trade which is still live if you use the method that the system vendors recommend, and is 350 pips in profit.

Trade 44 usd/cad 1st Oct Won +90 pips
Trade 45 gbp/usd 1st Oct Lost -100 pips
Trade 46 usd/cad 5th Oct Won +90 pips
Trade 47 gbp/usd 7th Oct Won +90 pips
Trade 48 gbp/usd 9th Oct Won +90 pips
Trade 49 gbp/usd 13thOctt Won +90 pips

350 pips profit =

New bank £3657

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