Another losing day for Black Dog Forex Trading System – 20 pips 14.10

Still going south with the Black Dogs – 20 pips lost today. Some pretty ‘rangy’ markets today with a lot of messy, spikey candles so not the easiest conditions.

Suppose theres an argument to stay out of the markets when conditions are looking that way but the systems worked v.well so far without that extra layer of subjectivity so we’ll just carry on ‘as is’.

Todays started well & i’d be out with my 20/30 pips if i was playing it that way.

gbp/usd -10pips

eur/usd 0 pips

usd/chf +5 pips

usd/jpy – 5 pips

eur/jpy +10pips

aud/usd -20 pips

7 winners 6 losers

-20 pips
-20 x £5 = – £100

Bank £7300

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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