Update on FX Crossover Trades 01/10

Quick update on the progress of the FX Crossover system – had a bit of a mixed run in September but still well ahead since the start of the trial though so we’ll keep going and hopefully get on a the same kind of long winning run we’ve had previously with the system. It finished the month strongly, especially the gbp/usd, so hopefully thats the way it’ll continue.

Trade 25 usd /cad – 27th – 31st august – Lost -100pips
Trade 26 gbp /usd – 28th – 31st august – Lost -100pips
Trade 27 gpb /usd – 31st aug – 1st sept – Lost -100pips
Trade 28 usd /cad – 31st aug – 31st aug- Lost -100pips
Trade 29 gpb /usd – 1st – 2nd sept – Lost -100pips
Trade 30 gpb /usd – 2nd – 4th sept – Won +100pips
Trade 31 usd /cad – 2nd – 4th sept – Won +100pips
Trade 32 usd /cad – 9th – 10th sept – Lost -100pips
Trade 33 usd/cad – 14th sept- Lost -100pips
Trade 34 gbp/usd 14th sept Lost -100pips
Trade 35 usd/cad 15th sept Won +100pis
Trade 36 gbp/usd 17th sept Won +100pips
Trade 37 usd/cad 18th sept Lost -71pips
Trade 38 gbp/usd 22nd sept Won +100pips
Trade 39 gbp/usd 22nd sept Won +100pips
Trade 40 usd/cad 23rd sept Won +100pips
Trade 41 gbp/usd 24th sept Won +100pips
Trade 42 usd/cad 28th sept Lost -100pips
Trade 43 gbp/usd 29th sept Won +100pips

So 71 pips down overall in the 4 weeks since the last update but still 1136 pips up since we started the trial.

New bank £3636

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