Break even for Black Dog Forex Trading 28/09

Break even day today for Black Dog – one of the flattest days i’ve seen in the main markets for a long time. most of the 6 pairs were stuck in the 50 ema channels so it was difficult to pick up any trades but again this is where the Black Dog software excels in keeping you out of the market in difficult conditions.

Another reviewer is struggling this month with £2500 worth of TUFXP software so its credit again to this great piece of software that i’ve been successful this month – currently costs about £125 as well!

gbp/usd +0 pips

eur/usd -15 pips

usd/chf -10 pips

usd/jpy 0 pips

eur/jpy 0 pips

aud/usd +25 pips

6 winners 4 losers
+0 pips
+0 x £5 = +£0

Bank £7225

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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