22 More for Forex Trades Live 24.09

Further update on Forex Trades Live – 2 further trades today on the eur/usd this time, 1 winner & 1 loser so a further 22 pips to add to the 144 gained earlier on today. 166 pips for the day isnt bad going by anyones standards – delighted with the simplicity and performance of this service at the moment.

gbp/usd 217 pips

eur/usd 116 pips

Total 333 pips

The additional eur/usd signals are free if you subscribe to the gbp/usd service – there was a time limit on the offer so it may be a good idea to check it with the operators asap.

The full details of the opening offer were in a previous post here. The full list of the results for the eur/usd service can be found here and for further info about the whole service click here Forex Trades Live

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