Trading when i shouldn’t again with Black Dog Forex 18/9

Results Friday 18th September

They say ignorance is no excuse and i’m not going to try to use it here because to be a pro trader you need to be aware of basics like it being 3rd Friday in the quarter with loads of contracts closing and the markets consequently being all over the place! Try to remember that one next quarter.

Anyway not a massive amount of damage done -30 pips.  Not to worry, i’m sure i’ll make it all back on Monday. (thats not me trying to keep a positive mental attitude by the way – i’m writing this on Monday evening and i did, in fact make 85 pips today!)

eur/usd +20pips

gbp/usd +15 pips

usd/chf -10 pips

usd/jpy 0 pips

eur/jpy -25 pips

aud/usd -30 pips

-30 pips
-30 x £5 = -£150

Bank £5850

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Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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