Losing day for Black Dog Forex System – 45 pips

Results for Black Dog Forex review 17/09

Bad day for the system today – said i was just going to start taking perfect set ups and trade for 30 pips but unfortunately ignored that today.  they were all technically trades but weren’t perfect by any means so ended up giving 45 pips back.

On an more positive note did some back testing on crude oil & gold using the new Black Dog MTF3 template on a 1hr chart and had some interesting results;

Gold produced 3690 pips from 5th March to date – which is about 140 pips a week.
Oil produced 3787 pips in the same period which works about 145 pips a week. The 1 hr chart requires longer stops obviously but it does find the big trends in these markets which can return 700 pips+.  Might look at the currencies on this time frame as well

These results were achieved with the MTF3 template plus the new MTF3 entry indicator and a set of stop loss and take profit targets which i have come up with taking into account the price range of the markets.

Nothing wrong with the hi/lo strategy because its produced a fantastic amount of pips in a relatively short space of time – its just that i’m also looking at different ways of using the software and wanted to let you know what i’d found.

eur/usd -10 pips

gbp/usd +15 pips

usd/chf -50 pips

usd/jpy -25 pips

eur/jpy +5 pips

aud/usd +20 pips

-45 pips
-45  x £5 = -£225

Bank £6000

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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