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Forex Trades Live announced a new, additional service today which will be the same format as their current signals for the gbp/usd but on the eur/usd.  The recorded results for the last 2 months have shown even better results than for the gbp/usd so it certainly sounds like its worth a look.

Apparently these signal will provided at an additional cost but as an extra incentive they’re offering the extra signals free if you’re already trialling the gbp/usd service & you sign up for the service within the next 48 hours – i already have done.  If you’re not already trialling the gbp/usd you can sign up here  & get both services for the price of one.

The full email is below;



We have been applying our method of selecting trades on the GBP/USD to the EUR/USD currency with success. The great news is, not only is it profitable, the stop losses are also much smaller! With a maximum stop loss of 100 pips and an average of around 45 pips, this is ideal if you do not like trading with large stops or have a limited budget in your trading account. The strike rate is lower than our GBP/USD trades, however the returns have been very good across all three profit targets.

You can view the recent results on these pages for August & September (so far) using Variable and fixed 50 pip stops (cannot currently be viewed via the website links):


Due to the extra time involved managing this extra currency and the extra cost of sending out SMS alerts, we will be charging extra for this service, however, as your currently trialling our service and as an incentive for you to come on board as a full subscriber, if you fully subscribe within the next 48 hours, we will include these trades at no extra charge!

Subscribe here: before the offer expires, it will not be repeated!

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