20 pips for Black Dog Forex Trading 16/09

Yet another profitable day for this software – keeps you safely out of the market when you shouldnt be in there most of the time. Another 20 pips in the bank. The stopping @ 30 strategy would have been done and dusted by 10am this morning with a nice early couple of trades on the aud/usd & 1 on the usd/jpy.

The chart below shows the new MTF3 Black Dog template plus an additional indicator which clearly flags up entry signals. Your exit point is down to your own trading style & judgement. This is the standard Black Dog strategy which most traders on the forum use with a lot of success apparently & not the ‘hi/lo’ strategy that i use. This new indicator comes with an audible alarm signal meaning you dont have to watch the charts constantly.

eur/usd -5 pips

gbp/usd +10 pips

usd/chf -5 pips

usd/jpy +5 pips

eur/jpy 0 pips

aud/usd +15 pips

11 winners
6 losers = +20 pips
20 x £5 = £100

Bank £6225

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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