Best ever day trading with Black Dog Forex System 08/09

I’ve gone from the debacle of my worst ever trading day with Black Dog on Friday when i traded and shouldn’t have to today when the markets were almost perfect this morning. Strong trends on every one of the markets i’m trading with little pull-backs for our hi/lo entries – +185 pips in all.

Below is the chart for the gbp/usd which produced 50 of the pips from the trades marked.

eur/usd +20 pips

gbp/usd +50 pips

usd/chf +40 pips

usd/jpy +20 pips

eur/jpy +40 pips

aud/usd +15 pips

23 winners
3 losers = +185 pips

Bank £5300

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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