Grey Horse Bot Update 23/08 to 5/09

Just wanted to give you an update on the Grey Horse Bot for the last 14 days. I’ve had 13 winners and 1 losing, which was @ 7/4 so not too much damage. That works out to be £54.39 at my stakes so its still going really well – highly reccommended, low maintenance income generator.

For that last few days i’ve only loaded the 1st race of the day – this avoids any potential issues with the results not being updated quickly enough on Betfair and another bet being placed. It also means the profit acheivement ability of the bot is negated and the bet may not qualify but i think its worth it to ensure it doesnt ‘overbet’.

The banks increased 38% since i started this & ,whilst its not been a lot in cash terms (£94.75), the fact is you can increase your stakes to whatever your bank can take and take it to a serious daily amount.

New bank £344.75

Click here to download the Grey Horse Bot

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