Black Dog Forex Trading System update 2nd & 3rd Sept

Just a quick update tonight of the last 2 days trades. So i had my first losing day today with Black Dog – & it couldnt have been a smaller loss really.

Few people who have Black Dog have queried how i’m trading these again so just to confirm;
15 min charts
hi/lo patterns as outlined in the general instructions
i also have an alarm on the laptop which goes off every 15 minutes 90 secs before the 15 min charts change to see if there are any potential set ups i’ll need to set up orders for. this just means i dont have to stare at the screens all day which i just wouldnt be able to do.
thats it apart from following the other Black Dog rules.

If anyone needs any more info about how i trade them etc just let me know.

2nd Sept
10 winners
3 losers = +55 pips

3rd Sept
10 winners
7 losers = -5pips

+50 pips @ £5 = +£250

Bank £4675

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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