Good day for Black Dog Forex Trading 01/09

 New month – same story with Black Dog although today was even better than usual with 90 pips being made. 12 winners and 2 losers.  Just wanted to show you a post which was made in the Black Dog forum from a guy who predominantly trades the hi/lo’s using the Black Dog Forex system.

Think it shows that with Black Dog Forex you get probably the best system around as well as actual users of that system prepared to share their experiences & advice with you.
“I thought I would answer several similar questions in one go.

I do not use Elliot Wave, Fibonaccii, Stochastics or assorted strange patterns on charts and I don’t care too much for pivot points either. I have had years of negative experience trading every combination you can think of to reach the expensive conclusion that they don’t work.


I trade Black Dog Mtf2 exactly as described in the manual. Nobody in the chatroom has ever seen anything from me expressing an opinion as to what way the market will move because I haven’t got a clue. What I do know is that by being patient, not chasing trades this system will give me very high probability trades time and time again.


When a trade goes against me it will protect my account providing I follow the rules.


Folks we have the best system I have ever used study it ,trade it and KIBS.


Loads of pips to everyone.



The results of all the trades were;

eur/usd +10 pips

gbp/usd +35 pips

usd/chf +10 pips

usd/jpy 0 pips

eur/jpy +20 pips

aud/usd +15 pips

12 winners
2 losers
+90 pips @ £5 = +£450

Bank £4425

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Black Dog Forex Trading System Review

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