Forex Trades Live Trial Now 200 Pips

 Just wanted to let you know that Forex Trades Live have now increased their free trial to 200 pips @ the 72 pip profit level. This means that you’ll get all the signals via sms as per the live membership which you can trade/paper trade until you’ve made the 200 pips. Its then up to you to take it further.

My free trial was only 100 pips and i’m a full paying member of this service now.  As previously mentioned extensive research by the operator of the site has found that a rigid, tighter stop would have improved results drastically so moving forward i’m going to be using that with the 72 pip profit target.

Total for me since 20th July (32 pip target)
+132 pips  (with new 50 pip stop would have been 189 pips)

Free Trial can be requested here Forex Trades Live

Forex Trades Live review

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