Another winner for Forex Trades Live today 25/08

A winner for me at my 32 pip profit level today for Forex Trades Live with trade no 3 still pending.

Just out of interest the operator of the service has done extensive research into the best stop loss figures to use and it seems that a rigid stop loss of 50 pips would improve the returns even more at all target levels so basically this service just got better.

In fact the most profitable target level going back 18 months has always been the 72 pip target so i may well change to that with a 50 pip stop loss and risk 5% of the bank each trade.

Details can be found here;

Trade 1 +32 pips
Trade 3 pending
Total for me since 20th July (32 pip target)
+132 pips

Free Trial can be requested here Forex Trades Live

Forex Trades Live review

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