Trade 22 – USD/CAD – Winner

The 100 pips lost yesterday were soon back with another winner on the USD/CAD.

The actual trade is still live and currently if we had stayed in the trade rather than take our 100 pip target we would currently have 185 pips in the bank.  But as mentioned before, when the market offers us the pips we should take them.  Small consistency is the key to success in the trading world.  This also only breeds confidence in our system and stops us from becoming too greedy!

Sell trade entered on 19th August –  1.0950 @ £1 per pip

Sell trade closed on 14th  August –   1.0850 = £100 pip win

New bank £3507

A number of our regular viewers have expressed an interest in buying the crossover system, pls could EVERYONE that is interested in this system, email me here so I have a number to go to the crossovere team and see if we can get some special deal.  The system is fairly steep in price of £950, but Im sure if drum up enough interest we can get this slashed down quite considerably.

This is a very solid system and suitbale for those who are not able or wanting to watch the markets all day.

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