Trade 19 & 20 – 2 Winners on Crossover

2 Winners in a row, The ranging markets have made a return.

USD/CAD Winner

Buy trade entered on 14th August –  1.0973 @ £1 per pip

Buy trade closed on 14th  August –   1.1073 = £100 pip win

New bank £3407

GBP/USD Winner
Sell trade entered on 17th August –  1.6450 @ £1 per pip

Sell trade closed on 17th  August –   1.6350 = £100 pip win

New bank £3507

So in all using this strategy now for the past 2 months, which is the quiter time of year for the markets we have accumalated 1000 pips since the start. Its a brilliant system if you are not wanting to spend too much trading, but like anything your effort will be rewarded if you put the labour in.

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