Another good day for Black Dog Forex Trading System

3rd day of trading today and more success. the software gives you so much confidence and, whilst it still leaves you to decide to place the trade, you know you’ve got the odds stacked in your favour as much as possible – basically you’re given the ‘edge’ that every trader needs to be consistently making money.

Might not be every day & i’m sure this system will have losing days but i’m also pretty sure it will give us a great chance to make pips on a regular weekly basis.

Eur/Jpy trades

Gbp/Usd trades

Anyway onto today – 35 pips made today, broken down as follows;

2 winners, 2 losers
3 winners
2 winners 1 loser
1 winner

8 winners
3 losers
+35 pips @ £5

Bank £3025

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

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