Trade 16 – Another Winner for FX Crossover

Winner on FX Croosover for usd/cad.

A number of subscribers have asked if this could be worked around a day job. It could be depending on what level of access to your own emails and texts you have and then if you’re able to place the trade with your broker/spread betting account.

If you have access to those things then it definitely can be worked around a day job. I would there would be between 2 – 4 trades between the 2 currency pairs each taking 5 minutes to place. Its a ‘place and forget’ system so theres no monitoring the trades at all once placed.

If you need any more information let me know.

16th Trade entered on 06th August – BUY entry 1.0818 @ £1 per pip

16th Trade closed on 10th August – exit 1.0918 = £100 WIN

New bank £3349

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