Upate on Grey Horse Bot

 Tues 4th August

Bit of a disaster today for the bot mainly due to the abandonment of the 2 meetings. A bet was placed on a race which was then abandoned causing some confusion. Very rare event and the bot eventually sorted itself out, although it left us down a few points on the day.

Bank £256.68
Result -£23.32
New Bank £233.36

Weds 05/08

Early finish today for the Grey Horse Bot system.

Bank £233.36
Result £5.00
New bank £238.36

Thu 6th August

Another early finish today for the Bot – 2 winners today as well, it placed another lay bet because Betfair hadnt updated my account in time for the next race. Nearly back to level again and then hopefully go on a good run.

Bank £238.36
Result £10.00
New bank £248.36

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