The return of LS Trader

For those of you who’ve been following the blog for a bit you’ll know we did subscribe to LS Trader for a few months. I decided not to continue when the subscriber I was sharing the costs of membership with decided not to renew.

The service was having a pretty average time of it then but another subscriber has approached me to confirm that it has turned around.  Still not on course for the average of 150% per year they expect to achieve so it may be a perfect time to be resubscribing.

Its very much a long term trading system and some of the trades can take months to complete but its probably the most low maintenance service you could subscribe to – get the email Sunday night, action it & leave until the following Sunday. Ideally you shouldnt even check your account but thats easier said than done as i’ve found.

Lets hope the up-turn continues for the service and the rest of the year shows big gains.

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