Nice little gain for Winning Dow Signals

Turned it around slightly today – markets trending a little more than in the last couple of weeks.  Not that many trades – none on the gbp/usd or eur/usd as both had gone through their H2 levels by around 7am for winning trades (not for me though).

Might have to look at setting the alarm a bit earlier!

Dow Jones
1 trade
1 winner
0 losers
+10 pips = +£50

2 winners
1 loser
+5 pips = +£25


0 trades
0 winners
0 losers
0 pips £0

0 trades
0 winners
0 losers

0 pips £0

+15 pips today
+390pips total

Bank +£2825

Today +£75

New Bank +£2900

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