Update on Crossover Trades

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the Crossover system on the gbp/usd. Since we last updated this part of the blog there have been 9 trades generated – 6 winners 3 losers.

4th Trade entered on 22nd June @ £1 per pip

4th Trade closed on 23rd June = £100 pip profit

5th Trade entered on 23rd June @ £1 per pip

5th Trade closed on 24th June = £100 pip profit

6th Trade entered on 25th June @ £1 per pip

6th Trade closed on 26th June = £100 pip loss

7th Trade entered on 26th June @ £1 per pip

7th Trade closed on 30th June = £100 pip profit

8th Trade entered on 30th June @ £1 per pip

8th Trade closed on 9th July = £100 pip profit

9th Trade entered on 12th July @ £1 per pip

9th Trade closed on 13th July = £100 pip loss

10th Trade entered on 13th July @ £1 per pip

10th Trade closed on 15th July = £100 pip profit

9th Trade entered on 16th July @ £1 per pip

9th Trade closed on 17th July = £100 pip loss

New Balance = £3249

So from a starting bank of £2500 its grown about 30% in 5 weeks on just the gbp/usd.  This is from a system which is straightforward, has clear entry and (more importantly for me) exit points & can be ‘set & left’. Pretty impressive so far.

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