Nice start to the week for Winning Dow Signals

Another 55 pips for Winning Dow Signals. Been contacted by a few people querying the settings i’m using so just to clarify –
5 min candles
trade h2 when price has passed through it and next candle forms higher than the h2 level
trade h1 as above but when next candle forms lower than h1 level
trade l1 same as h2
trade l2 same as h1

chart-wise i use ig index advanced charts.   seems to be working well at the moment but we’ll just have to see.

Dow Jones
3 trades
2 winners
1 loser
+5 pips = +£25

2 winners
+20 pips = +£100

3 trades
3 winners
+30 pips = £150


7 trades
5 winners 2 losers
+20 pips = +£100

+55 pips today
+415 pips total

Bank +£2800

Today +£275

New Bank +£3075

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