FX Crossover – New System

The FX- Crossover is the latest trading system that we are currently reviewing on this blog.


This system doesnt pull any punches from claiming an impressive 9000 pips since last August. It comes with a hefty price tag of £950 so we have decided to give it a full review.

I started trading this system this week and have been quite impressed to say the least. It focuses on the Cable currency pair £GBP/$USD but from back testing on other pairs




the system is showing very good results. We are only focusing on the £/$ for now, but i will update this blog with the others pairs as the weeks go on.

Starting Balance – £2500

First Trade entered on  tuesday 9th June – Entry 1.6117

Currently  421 pips up @£1 per pip = £421 over 2 days.

Feet must be kept on the ground, but this one is looking very very good.  There are talks currently taking place that hopefully will allow members of this blog to get the system at a reduced rate, but we shall announce once we are happy with the service.

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