Winning Dow Intra Day Trading

I’m going to start trading & recording these signals from today – as oppose to looking at them retrospectively at the end of the day & thinking ‘would have made some money there’.

Main reason not done this before is that you basically have to be looking at the charts all day but if this helps me to be able to make the decision not to return to work then thats whats going to have to be done.

If you dont know anything about this part of Winning Dows service then basically they send an email each evening which contains 4 different ‘levels’ across 8 different indices/  currency pairs. i’m intending to trade 3 – ftse, dow jones & eur/usd because i dont see how you can possibly trade all 8 properly.

These levels are support & resistance lines which indicate a trade when prices pass up through or down through them.

I’m intending to ‘scalp’ 10 pips with 15 pip stop loss initially.  There is no advised method of HOW to trade the signals – you basically decide to trade the way you feel comfortable with. We’ll see how it goes.

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