Dax on the Wealthbuilder

Heard some good reports about using Wealthbuilder with the Dax (& back tested the trades for the last 3 weeks on IG Index charts which bore this out) so decided to start trading this. Was going to leave it until Monday but no reason to put it off so started today.
(The Dax comes under ‘German 30 Daily Cash’ on IG Index).

There are some differences to the way Wealthbuilder was designed to be traded on the FTSE , the main one being that you only trade colour changes on the MACD. Dont want to go into too much detail for obvious copyright reasons.

Trading this with the FTSE died a bit of a death but the Dax has worked consistently well with Wealthbuilder for a number of months so we’ll see how it goes.

My trading will be done betwee 9-12am, £5 a pip, stop @ 24.

Start bank £1000
Profit/Loss +£60
New Bank £1060

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