Nice big winner for RoboBets

Another big winner 38/1 for RoboBets which puts us back nicely into credit. I stopped the bot again when this came in which again is my preference.  My thinking is the the chances of 2 big priced winners coming in for us on the same day must be minimal but then again i’l going against what the bots about.

Another thing to mention is that RoboBets are releasing a new version of the bot tomorrow which can take Betfair SP which should improve the odds you get – this might make a difference as the odds claimed on RoboBets site for todays winner is 46/1 as oppose to what i got 38/1. Theres also an option to allow you to continue to bet if you’re away.   All very nice but only good if they continue to make a profit.

Balance £273.56
Profit £73.56

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