LS Trader continues to produce big profits

LS Trader continues to perform amazingly well – over the last 2 weeks the overall balance of the their account has increased by 39% & 22 out of 23 trades were in profit.

Thats obviously the full portfolio whereas i have a scaled back portfolio due to the starting balance i had. Even so my account balance at IG Index has gone from £1200 to £2853.88 with currently £440 running profit.

In truth though the account balance has only increased by that amount because i have been making the fatal error of watching the account during the week and ‘banking’ parts of the profit & letting a smaller amount run.  If i had just left all the trades to run at the original amount the actual balance would have only gone up by a couple of hundred pounds due to rollovers but the ‘running’ profit would be closer to £3500.

And this is all for 10 mins work on a Sunday night/Monday morning (or at least it is if you can leave the trades alone once you’ve placed them)

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