Changes to the blog

A fellow trader has offered to help with the updating of the blog which, apart from more regular results listed, will also mean more services trialled.

As well as more regular updates on Winning Dow Signals & LS Trader we will be looking at the service offered by the guys @   & a specific service provider on

Zulu Trade allows you to subscribe free of charge to an FX Trader from the hundreds registered with them. Once you’ve susbscribed and got an account with a suitable brokerage Zulu place the trades on your behalf, shadowing the trades placed by your provider. Well aware of the potential issues with this kind of set up but Zulu have been established for a long time and are the leading provider of this service in the industry so we’ll just have to see.

I’m trialling something entirely different – all the details are here;   Never had much faith in horse systems or tipsters but i’m not really too bothered about where our winnings come from to be honest.   Its free until you make £100 & then have to choose a subscription option – again time will tell but i think i’ll like this one if it comes off.

Not totally binned Wealthbuilder but hasnt made any progress bank wise for the last couple of months and thats obviously not what i’m looking for. I’m going to keep an eye on the systems performance on the German DAX index because a couple of people have told me they trade it successfully. It seems to have been less volatile than the FTSE over the past month and if you back test on IG Index going back to the 8th May its made around 100 pips.

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