24 more for Wealthbuilder

Results 27th February

Late in updating these because had a bit of surgery on a ‘frozen shoulder’ yesterday.  interesting name for it that because it gives the impression of numbness & lack of feeling which, if you’ve had it, you’ll know couldnt be further from the truth.

surgeon had an interesting bedside manner as well. came in & after establishing which shoulder it was said ‘right 5 things – 1. it might not work, 2. you could die under the anaesthetic , 3. i could cut a major artery & you might die, 4. i could cut a nerve and paralyse you & 5. cant remember the fifth (his words).

i was wondering if 5 was the operations a success ie you’ve got full movement in your shoulder but you’ve died under the anaesthetic. well i’m here and its over with so thats a bonus as far as i’m concerned.

anyway, onto Wealthbuilder, Friday was an early finish with 24 pips for me.

New bank £783.29
New stake £1.67

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