Mixed day for me with WDS

I typically managed to avoid winning anything with Winning Dow Signals & feel like i’ve been innoculated against winning trades with this service.

Left orders for the H2 (buy trades) today & they all touched the entry point before reversing to the stop lossed. I did the same on Tuesday when the same thing happend with a couple of them but didnt do it on Monday & Wednesday when the H2 trades were successful. The moral is do it every day or dont bother.

The H1 trades,on the other hand, i just paper traded today and watched succesful trade after succesful trade take shape & close out.  They seem to get it uncannily right with the resistance lines.

The email trade alerts are still proving to be a problem unfortunately – i dont get them until 1-2 minutes after the sending time and by then the price can move 10-15 pips as happend today. There was a 45 pip winning trade and overall the trade alerts made 55 pips.

Still very impressed by these guys – heres todays trades.  Please note there were 3 losing H2 trades so with a standard stop loss that would be -90pips but there were other H1 trades available than those listed.

Dow – Short H1 6.50am = 30 points

       – Short H1 1.45pm = 70 points


FTSE – Short H1 8.25am = 30 points

          – Short H1 10.40pm = 20 points

          – Short H1 1.48pm = 30 points


EUR/USD – no trades


Trade Alerts – 3 = 55 points

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