24 more for Wealthbuilder

 Wealthbuilder strategy back on track to day with a relatively straightforward 24 pips.

Think last couple of days highlight what i think is the most important part of trading – the psycholgical aspect. I always read this when i was first looking at trading & thought ‘ thats rubbish, all you need is a good system & you just keep using it’. But as we all know its not that easy & they reckon its easier to lose money with a good system/weak mental attitude than it is with weak system/good mental attitude.

Seems ridiculous to have doubts about a system when you have grown your bank by 50% in 6 weeks but it only takes a couple of bad days for me to start worrying that its ‘stopped working’. Every system, bar none, has bad runs & i think it is the case that,if you have enough personally verified proof it works, just keep doing it.  (easy to say today – see what i’m like after a couple of 45 pip losers in a row!)

New bank £773.27
New stake £1.67

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